PRISM Municipal Advisors, LLC. is a fixed income Financial Advisory firm specializing in the structuring and analysis of bonds and fixed income derivatives.  The firm was founded on the belief that structuring and comprehensive analysis should be the cornerstone of any capital spending or investment program.  With information and powerful analytical tools, we can help you to maximize revenues and minimize financing costs.

Our services include structuring and analysis for both taxable and tax-exempt bonds and investments including:

Overview and Capabilities

PRISM Municipal Advisors, LLC

With over 50 years of combined experience encompassing municipal government, investment banking, derivatives, and quantitative structuring, the firm possesses a unique combination of talents to help your organization find the answers to critical capital markets questions.  We will work closely with your organization to identify your goals, clarify and quantify the current position, and build a comprehensive plan to successfully achieve those goals.  Our firm has experience with all segments of the fixed income capital markets:



First bond issuance under the Ohio Community and Technical College Credit Enhancement Program as Financial Advisor to the Ohio Building Authority


$20,145,000 Stark State College of Technology


Recent Transactions Include:

  $413,200,000 General Obligation Bonds

 $77,310,000 State Facilities Bonds

 $243,195,000 State Facilities Refunding Bonds

 $49,455,000 General Obligation Bonds

 $774,000,000 Gas Project Variable Rate Revenue Bonds, Series 2010A

   (Interest Rate Swap Advisor)

The firm is consistently ranked as one of the top financial advisory firms in the State of Ohio as measured by par amount according to Thomson Financial.


In each year since its inception, PRISM has ranked higher than any other Ohio based independent financial advisory firm.